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Ratnappa Kumbhar : An Idol of the 20th Century.

Indian freedom struggle is full of adventures events which have encouraged thousands of people not only in India but many foreigners have also been impressed by this movement. Gandhiji’s ‘Khadi’ ‘Non-violence’ and ‘Non co- operation’ have inspired most of the youths of India. Many people have sacrificed their lives to realize the dream of free India. Ratnappa Bharmappa Kumbhar is the veteran freedom-fighter and a member of the committee that framed the Indian Constitution.

One of these devotees of the last generation was shri Ratnappa Kumbhar. Born in a small remote village, Nimshirgaon Dist Kolhapur, Ratnappa Kumbhar graduated himself from Rajaram Collage, one of the oldest colleges in the Western Maharashtra in 1933. As a college going student he was keenly watching the acts of the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Babu etc. He had seen the Britisher’s rude behavior and decided to join the angry wave against the British regime.

He successfully carried out the movement against the sansthan rule under the banner of the Praja Parishad group during the pre independence period. He knew that the police were searching for him so he went into the hiding for six years. But he was actively supporting the freedom fighters.

After independence Ratnappa Kumbhar devoted himself for the social work. He was one of the persons to sign the final draft of the constitution of India along with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He was elected the member of the parliament in 1952.

He contested and won the election for Maharashtra State legislative Assembly in 1962, 1982 and 1990. He maintained the membership till his death. He founded departmental stores on the co-operative basis when he took charge as a minister for food & civil supply.

Message to Students

Academic excellence is a function of propitious ambiance. Keeping this in mind the college has developed excellent infrastructural facilities with well-equipped and an enriched library. The institute provides not only education to the student but also has programs, which ensure multifaceted growth of the students personality. It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate Night College of Arts and Commerce,Kolhapur; a taskforce of passed out professional students of our college, striving for well-being, sprouting students. From the inception Night College of Arts and Commerce,Kolhapur is consistently flourishing, by setting the landmark in industrial strata; helping in placing students in various profession.
Mrs. Rajanitai Magadum
President's Message
The Night College of Arts and Commerce, Kolhapur has student centered intuitional as a motto. We are committed to pursue academic excellence to develop a student with comprehensive technical knowledge and integrated personality. We prepare students to think globally, act locally, involve individually and systemize institutionally to meet emerging industrial and social needs. It is the constant endeavor of the college community to help its students acquire a cutting edge advantage in whatever path they choose to pursue after graduation. I hope you will be among the privileged to be our fellow traveler in our journey of discovery and capacity building. I extend my best wishes to you for fulfilling your aspirations.
Dr. S. J. Farakte
Principal's message


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